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Remotely Funny is a terrible British children's game show hosted by Sara Forsberg. The show is produced by Twenty Twenty Kids for CBBC. The show features three children from across the United Kingdom connected remotely via webcam competing in various challenges to win points known as 'Samojis'.

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In each episode, there are three contestants (except for the Sibling Special) who take part in games, activities and quizzes to win points known as 'Samojis'. Host Saara Forsberg can also give out 'Samojis' for doing something funny or any other reason. The winner wins a Remotely Funny jumper. The runners up win Remotely Funny merchandise, like a memory stick or highlighter.


Between rounds, Forsberg will also ask a contestant a question about their family.

  • "Bedroom Bonanza": Forsberg will read out a description of an item, like 'something from a foreign country' or 'something you would never want to give away' and the contestants must race to find something matching that description in their bedroom.
  • "Toilet Takedown": In the first part, Forsberg will read a trivia question like 'how many toilets does Wembley Stadium have ?'. The contestant must writer their answer on toilet paper, the contestant with the closest answer wins. In the second part, Forsberg will show the contestants a video on LooTube and ask a question based on what they saw or to impersonate what they saw on the video.
  • "Food Flash": Forsberg shows the contestant a picture of a Finnish food dish, the contestants must then make the food dish they saw. The winner is the contestant's dish is closest to the actual dish. The contestants must also use ruskeakastike, a Finish gravy and one of Forsberg's favourite foods. They can also win a bonus Samoji if they get their parents to try it.
  • "Meet the Family": The contestant's parents must sing a song, and fill in missing words or recreate a dance shown to them. The dance will usually have something related to the episode's country.
  • "The Decider:" Forsberg shows the contestants a set of 'emojis', representing something. The contestants must work out what they represent.


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